ecoLOGI Foundation


                    Eco-LOGI” foundation was established,  with the help of voluntary members who share the same zeal to attain the goal of  educating our customers and the general public on saving the environment and educating on the seriousness of greenhouse effects thus initiating measures on how we can do OUR part to conserve the environment we live in and reduce our carbon footprint individually and as a whole.

As a company DB Schenker promotes Green logistics where intelligent effective methods can be implemented to consolidate modes of transport to reduce CO2 emissions such as optimized use of Rail Freight."

We intend to launch a course of action by taking practical steps by action and by words to attain our target.   

Theoretically speaking, “Rather than trying to trim a fully grown tree, it is much more fruitful to grow a plant which will be more beneficial in the long run.” Abiding by this concept, we feel it is imperative that we educate & enlighten the younger generation in this aspect. Hence, we have already started structuring our campaigns within this framework. 

We Support

Earth Hour 2011 will be held on 26-Mar-2011.
This is an awareness as well as reminder to
our valuable partners to support the
Earth Hour 60+ by switching off the lights
that would go beyond the hour.